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Are you seeking relief from headaches or migraines; persistent spine pain; unresolved arm or leg pain?

Dr. Shawn Everson with Options in Physical Rehabilitation may be your best option.

Shawn K. Everson, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC

Dr. Everson has over 34 years of experience working primarily with a wide variety of patients dealing with chronic pain. It has been his mission to help improve the lives of people with his comprehensive approach to physical therapy, and guiding patients to other care providers who often have other key pieces to the patient’s puzzle.

PEAK Sport and Spine Rehab

Dr. Everson merged his original physical therapy practice with PEAK Sport and Spine Rehab in 2013. He is the Clinic Director at PEAK Sport and Spine Rehab – Mid County located at Ballas and Hwy 40/I-64 near I-270. Most of Dr. Everson’s work is done through PEAK, but he also maintains a small separate service, Options in Physical Rehabilitation, LLC through which he see patients that find they need and want more than what can be provided through the managed care systems.

PEAK works extensively within the managed care/Medicare system. The vast majority of patients are well served in this system, particularly with PEAK. But there are always significant limitations to what any physical therapy provider can do within the substantial financial limitations of the managed care/Medicare system.

It has long been Dr. Everson’s opinion that patients need a choice, an “Option”, to receive more care, in longer sessions, from an exceptionally skilled/experienced physical therapist outside the limitations of the system. These services are offered by Dr. Everson, at times under the PEAK umbrella, for others under Options in Physical Rehabilitation.


PEAK Pain School

Dr. Shawn Everson is an expert in an emerging system known as a “biopsychosocial” approach to pain.



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Why Use Options in Physical Rehabilitation?


The answer is very simple. If you need and want more time with one-to-one care with an exceptionally well-trained and experienced physical therapist, that time has to be paid for somehow. The common healthcare/managed care system is built on providing whatever care can be provided under insurance contracts that do not pay to provide the extensive individualized care many of my patients need and want. “Preferred Providers” work for ridiculously low fees and are supposed to make up for this by being “efficient”. By a million miles, the most important “efficiency” is seeing more people in the same amount of time.

People who need and want more time with their physical therapist need an option to buy more time with their physical therapist. Working with Dr. Everson, this is done through Options in Physical Rehabilitation.

Dr. Everson recommends getting your physical rehabilitation started with PEAK Sport and Spine.

If you feel you need and want longer sessions than what managed care supports, contact Dr. Everson via email to discuss your options.

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