Welcome to Pain School

An emerging system to help address and manage chronic or persistent pain is known as a “biopsychosocial” approach to pain and to healthcare in general. Physical therapists that founded the Neuro Orthopedic Institute (NOI, have led the way in incorporating this approach to helping patients with persistent pain. In PT circles they are famous for their book, Explain Pain.

Dr. Everson first started working with their approach nearly 20 years ago. In 2018, Dr. Everson attended each of the three updated courses from NOI as he began to create Pain School.

The purpose of Pain School is to teach patients (and family members!) about how pain is created (it is ALWAYS created by the BRAIN!) and the many factors involved with pain. The material can be presented as part of individual physical therapy sessions or in classes.

It is a great idea for anyone dealing with persistent pain, or close family members or friends of someone with persistent pain, to get a copy of the Explain Pain patient handbook called the Protectometer. It is the “textbook” for Pain School. And it is loaded with valuable information whether someone attends school or not.

Contact Dr. Everson via email with any questions about pain school.